2014 Summer Sessions

Please note that all of our summer sessions have filled.  If you would like to be added to the wait list for any session, please email info@wateshedceramics.org

The following descriptions provide an overview of each session’s theme as well as a list of the guest artists and the Artists-Invite-Artists groups that will be part of the session. Once in residence, ALL, artists work side-by-side in the Watershed studios.

June 8-20, 2014
AIA Leader: Yinka Orafidiya
with Brad Johnson, Jennifer Martin, Andrew Pleak, Jane Pleak, and Dennis Ritter
Artistic mentors and peers have a profound impact on the work of any artist.  By acknowledging these relationships and exploring their effects upon the working process, artists in this session will consider the significance of past and present artistic influences and apply it to production of new work.  Working with the theme of “influence” as a guide, the session will also focus on the unique interactions created by the group dynamic to inspire creative experimentation in the studio.

June 22-July 4, 2014
AIA Leader: Darien Arikoski-Johnson
with Julia Haft Candell, Andrew Casto, Del Harrow, Alia Pialtos, Amanda Salov, Jinsoo Song, and Virginia Torrence
Any artistic endeavor involves a dynamic relationship between the form and the content of the work.  This session focuses on the ways in which process reinforces or determines the content. How do an artist’s perceptions, awareness, and ideations change as a result of process? While the dialogue created in this group will be diverse, one of the significant questions is: “How did the process influence the journey to the content?”

July 6-25, 2014
With guest artists Robbie Lobell and Trevor Dunn
Watershed is fortunate to be located in a rustic, rural setting surrounded by rich farmland. Our residents cherish the walk between the residential cabins and the studio each day, with views of rolling hills and neighboring farms. Meals at Watershed are created from locally sourced ingredients and served on stunning ceramic platters. At each meal, residents select hand crafted plates, bowls and cups and fill them with fabulous food. These connections between food and clay are the inspiration for this special three-week session!

Each week of Farms, Food, and Fire will feature a unique event, open to the public. Participating artists will have an opportunity to engage in these events and share their work with a diverse audience while having 3 weeks to delve deep into the artistic retreat that Watershed provides. Watershed is delighted to welcome Robbie Lobell and Trevor Dunn as guest artists who will be giving talks and demos.

Robbie Lobell is a co-founder of Cook on Clay, a company based on Whidbey Island, WA that designs and produces flameware products. Robbie and Cook On Clay co-founder Maryon Attwood believe that, “beauty does not belong on a shelf, and that cooking and serving in handmade pottery brings connection and beauty to the simple act of sharing a meal with family and friends.”   We can’t think of a better philosophy to bring to Watershed for this session!  Robbie will be a featured artist sharing her work and experiences with resident artists and the public.

Trevor Dunn is currently an assistant professor of ceramics at the University of North Florida and has lectured internationally and led workshops around the country in wood firing, salt-/soda firing and kiln building.  During this session, Trevor will be constructing a permanent outdoor clay oven for Watershed as well as demonstrating how to build a brick “pizza” oven!

Click here to learn more about Robbie and Trevor and to see the schedule of events that will take place during this residency!

July 27-August 8, 2014
AIA Leader: Paul Donnelly
with Dylan Beck, Chandra Dubuse, Neil Forrest, Rain Harris, Linda Lopez, Mathew McConnell, and Amy Santoferraro
This session will bring together dissimilar artists who work in diverse ways, yet whose work intersects through conceptual and material processes. The critical dialogues resulting from the interaction of ideas and methods of working will result a rich and varied environment that will foster new ideas and creativity.

With Tip Toland, Beth Cavener Stichter, Linda Sormin, and Michaelene Walsh
August 10-22, 2014
Come work alongside five dynamos in clay who share a common interest in the psyche as glue for their work. Ayumi Horie, Beth Cavener, Linda Sormin, Tip Toland and Michaelene Walsh will work together for the first time and explore what it means to make work that is both personally meaningful and compelling to a viewer. Bucking the contemporary trend to disregard emotion in art, these five artists look at the inner world as fertile ground for rich work. Artists in all stages of their careers are encouraged to apply.

Ayumi Horie is a full-time studio potter from Portland, Maine who makes functional pots adorned with drawings of animals. She is the first recipient of Ceramics Monthly’s “Ceramic Artist of the Year” award. In 2011, the day after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, she co-founded Handmade For Japan, which has raised over $100,000 to support rebuilding efforts thus far. Ayumi gives lectures and workshops both nationally and internationally and serves on the board of directors of the American Craft Council. She is the co-organizer of Crafted and sits on the curatorial board of accessCeramics.org.